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Beaver Creek School

Beaver Creek School educates kindergarten through eighth grade students using the standards set forth by the Arizona Department of Education. We also provide free preschool to students who turn four by September 1. Please visit our Registration page for more information.

At Beaver Creek School, your child will study the core areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies along with additional instruction in physical education, art, and music. We are also proud to offer our students multiple opportunities to get involved outside the classroom through extracurricular activities.

Instructional Programs

Our teachers use curriculum calendars to guide daily instruction. Teachers write formative and benchmark assessments to help them track student learning progress throughout the year, ensuring students are meeting academic expectations. Please contact you child's teacher for more information about their curriculum calendars and their daily schedules.

Daily Schedule

Kindergarten–8th Grade

7:45 a.m.–3:15 a.m.

Breakfast & Lunch

We offer free breakfast to all students beginning at 7:15 a.m. each day. We also serve lunch during the school day. Please visit our Food Services page for more information.

Grading Scale

All students receive a report card each nine weeks based on how well students are meeting benchmark standards and completing assignments as well as the effort they put forth in the classroom every day.

Kindergarten through 3rd graders receive standards-based report cards linked to the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. In Grades 4–8, we base percentages on assignments, homework, and assessments.

90–100 = A
80–89 = B
70–79 = C
60–69= D
Below 60% is a failing grade

Students receive a percent grade, unless they have special grading modifications or accommodations.

Special Programs

We know that every child is different, each one bringing their own, unique learning style to the classroom. Beaver Creek School offers many specialized programs that make it possible for us to individualize each student’s education to meet his or her specific needs. Please refer to our Student Handbook to learn more about any of these programs:

  • Accelerated Reader
  • Educational Intervention Team
  • Sheltered English Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Gifted and Talented Services
  • Alternative Education
  • Title I (See our Registration page for necessary forms)
  • McKinney-Vento

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Free language assistance, auxiliary aids, and/or accommodations are available upon request.