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Beaver Creek School District

Educating the Students of the Verde Valley Since 1881

Welcome to the online home of Beaver Creek School District, where we are proud to educate Verde Valley’s public school students from preschool through middle school. Here, under the guidance of our supportive, highly trained educational team, our students build a solid foundation of educational experiences that will help prepare them for high school and beyond. 

Beaver Creek Schools Spending Report 2018Beaver Creek Schools Spending Report 2018

Average Teacher Salaries 

Please note that the budget revisions will reflect the changes.

Average Teacher Salaries

    A Message from Our Superintendent

    Welcome to Beaver Creek School! We are very pleased that you have chosen our school for your children. We are proud of our close-knit community and our dedicated staff. Our families love our safe, small school, where we create a positive educational environment that prepares our children and youth for life's challenges.

    We believe in the importance of parent and family involvement. Your ideas, talents, and time will help strengthen our school. We ask parents to become active in the following five areas at BCS: parenting, communicating, learning at home, decision-making, and volunteering.

    We have a very fine staff here at BCS. Our teachers are highly qualified and committed to providing an excellent education to ensure all students meet or exceed the educational standards, and our support staff provides essential services and supervision for our students and school. We thank you for respecting all of the members of our educational team.

    We welcome each and every parent and invite you to become involved in our school programs to help your children be successful in achieving their learning goals. Please contact us with any questions that may arise over the course of the school year. We look forward to working with you!


    Karin Ward

    Mrs. Karin Ward

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