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We know that you may have questions about our policies and procedures, and we want to help you find the answers you need as easily as possible. We’ve compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked of our office personnel, and we’ve answered them all in one place! If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please check out our student handbook or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

How do I register my child to attend Beaver Creek School?

We are thrilled to welcome new members to our community! To learn about age requirements for preschool and kindergarten and about the documentation and immunizations we require to register your child at our school, please visit our Registration page.

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Does BCS offer breakfast and lunch?

Yes, and we’re proud to provide an excellent nutrition program in our cafeteria. We serve breakfast and lunch every school day, and we even offer adult meal pricing for parents who want to come and share a meal with their child in the cafeteria every now and then. For more information, please visit our Food and Nutrition page.

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What if my child needs medication during the school day?

We will administer medication in accordance with state regulations and with physician and parental approval. Please visit our front office to pick up the necessary forms, and then bring us the completed form and the medication in its original, labeled container.

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Do you provide transportation services?

We are pleased to provide our students with safe, reliable transportation to and from school each day. We consider bus riding a privilege and expect all students to adhere to the rules for their own safety as well as the safety of others. For information on bus policies, stops, and routes please visit our Transportation page.

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I want to drive my child to and from school. When and where should I drop off/pick up?

The Drop-off and Pick-up Zone is between the two crosswalks by the front of the cafetorium. Please support the staff in directives of traffic flow before and after school. There is no supervision before 7:15 a.m. Students should sit on the bleachers outside the cafetorium until the school campus opens. Parents picking up their children at 3:15 p.m. may wait along the curb to pick up students at the front pick-up area. Parents who park in the parking lot must come get their child to assist in walking through the crosswalk. Students not picked up within ten minutes of dismissal will wait inside the office. 

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What do I need to do if my child will be absent from school or needs to leave early?

If your child must miss school, please call the school office on the day of his/her absence. When your child is absent from school, we require that he/she make up any missed work. Students and parents should speak with their teachers to arrange for make-up work. For our policy regarding extended absences, please see our student handbook. If your child needs to leave school early, a parent or guardian must sign out and pick him/her up at the front office.

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Does Beaver Creek School have a dress code?

We expect Beaver Creek students to dress in a neat fashion that reflects the pride they have for themselves and their school. Our school board has established a dress code to help ensure an atmosphere conducive to study. It is both the child's and the parents' responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code.

Students may not have dyed hair, piercings, or clothing that annoys, disrupts, agitates, interrupts, or interferes with others who are on the school premises for the lawful purpose of pursuing or providing a public school education. Students must follow the following guidelines:

  • Immodest or revealing clothing is inappropriate for school, as it may cause a disruption or distraction to the education process. This includes shorts and skirts that fall above the tip of the fingers. Underclothing must not be visible. No pajamas, halter tops, tube tops, “spaghetti straps,” razorback shirts, or see-through clothing.
  • Students must wear shoes or sandals at all times. We do not allow shoes that will not stay on the feet, bedroom slippers, flip flops, or roller skate shoes.
  • Blankets are not substitutes for coats or jackets.
  • Student must remove sunglasses and hats upon entering buildings.
  • No shirts or other clothing painted or written upon with inappropriate or objectionable lettering or designs.
  • No clothing, jewelry, and/or buttons condoning or promoting violence, gang membership, sex, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
  • The administration may choose to address the issue of unnatural hair coloring that may be disruptive to the educational process at their discretion.

If a student violates the dress code, the teacher or staff member will send the student to the dean of students, with a Level 1 referral to call home for a change of clothes. If a parent is not able to bring appropriate clothes, office staff will attempt to loan clothing to the student so he/she may attend classes. Continual infractions will result in further disciplinary action. Please note that the school dress code is in effect for all school activities.

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